Contact Information

PBM Inc.
1070 Sandy Hill Road
Irwin, PA 15642
724-863-0550 (800-967-4PBM)
Fax: 724-864-9255

Factory Contact:

Jay C. Giffen
724-454-7682 (cell)

European Sales Manager:

David Foley
+35 (3) 083-1374049 (cell)

U.S. Regional Sales Managers:

Patrick J. Carlton
Midwest Regional Manager
724-454-5602 (cell)
James A. Smith
East Cost Regional Manager
215-990-1273 (cell)
Gary J. Grauerholz
Regional Manager,
southern states, South America
412-639-2931 (cell)
Gerard P. Foley
Cryogenic and Nuclear Industries
609-828-0777 (cell)
Mary A. Rozakis
West Coast Regional Manager, Asia, Alabama, and Florida
412-370-2798 (cell)
Gary W. Friedline
Energy Industries
724-787-3156 (cell)

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PBM Valve offers an extremely stable customization service that allows for you to spend less time on those costly projects. From 2-way ball valves to 5-way Multi-Port Valves. Flow with the best.

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