PBM, Inc. offers a variety of independent testing and polishing services. We have a variety of state-of-the art testing equipment and can accommodate unbiased independent testing with professional documentation. For a quotation contact PBM,

•  Positive Material Identification (PMI)
•  Hardness testing
•  Borescope (Inspection of inaccessible areas)
•  Profilometer (Surface finish validation)
•  Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) Part inspection
•  Hydrostatic testing
•  Helium leak testing

Additional services available upon request.  Contact PBM to discuss your specific requirement,

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PBM Valve offers an extremely stable customization service that allows for you to spend less time on those costly projects. From 2-way ball valves to 5-way Multi-Port Valves. Flow with the best.

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