3, 4, & 5-Way Multi-port Valves

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seals at every port


Whether the application is in a chemical plant, paper mill, food plant, manufacturing environment, or other industrial setting, PBM’s line of Industrial Valves can handle any type of rigorous and general purpose applications.


4- and 5-way Multi-Ports are true multi-port valves with seals at every port. This design makes the multi-port ideal for flow switching operations. In some applications, this valve can replace as many as four ordinary 2-way valves, with corresponding savings in piping and fittings.


  • Adjust-O-Seal® design allows the valve seat seal to be restored in-line to a bubbletight condition, to compensate for normal seat wear.
  • Spring-loaded washers create a live-loaded stem assembly for positive sealing.
  • Full-port diameters minimize pressure drops (1/2 - 4").
  • Standard bottom-entry stem provides protection from inadvertent stem removal.
  • Indexed ball and stem eliminate incorrect reassembly following routine maintenance.
  • Having either four or five seats ensures tight closure under pressure differentials up to 275 psig for Series 5, 150# class.hat do not require the 300# class (720 psig CWP maximum) offered with Series 4.
  • Multiple seating in a true Multi-Port valve enables shutoff and directional control in a single valve. Multi-Port valves are ideal for recirculation, mixing, and blending operations.
  • In some processes, a single Multi-Port ball valve can replace several 2-way valves in a piping system, reducing costs and simplifying flow control with actuation. Multi-Port valves can also be tandem or manifold mounted to further centralize control.
  • Transflow (the gradual media flow that occurs as one port opens as another closes) prevents dead-heading and damage to pumps. Note: Transflow will not occur on some bottom entry flow patterns.



  • Sizes 1/2” – 4
  • Materials: 316/316L, Hastelloy™, Titanium or others; Series 1 only – Ductile Iron and Bronze
  • End Connections: Buttweld, Flange, NPT, Socket Weld or others
  • Standard V-TEF™ seats / seals
  • Valves shall have 4 or 5 V-TEF™ or S-TEF® seats and seals.
  • Working Pressures: up to 275 psig depending on temperatures
  • Temperature Range: up to 450˚F (232.2˚C), depending on seat and seal material
  • Cv Values (gpm): 5.4 to 613 depending on end connection*
  • Valves are rated for full vacuum.
  • Stainless steel brackets are strong, durable and corrosion resistant to facilitate wash-down.
  • Choose from 4-way and 5-way flow patterns available offering for 90˚, 180˚ and 360˚ operation
  • Compact, low profile design facilitates installation in areas with tight space restrictions.
  • Stem assembly accommodates PBM Direct Mount Actuation for accurate alignment and increased cycling life.


  • Optional body cavity fillers minimize areas where media could become trapped and contaminate the process.
  • Full range of automation and controls.


    *Note:Cv is defined as the number of U.S. gallons of water per minute, at ambient temperature, that will flow through a valve at 1 psi pressure drop.


PBM (Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing) is a  company over 100 years old that began as a non-ferrous foundry in 1899 along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh.



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