Sanitary Igenix® Block & Bleed

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designed to ASME B16.34


Specifically Designed for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Applications


Use PBM’s Igenix® Sanitary Block Bleed Valve is designed to safely isolate the instrument for service. This valve allows pressure to be vented safely prior to removing the instrument in place.

  • Adjust-O-Seal® design safely allows for process isolation and instrument bleed.
  • Ability to isolate, bleed off pressure and safely remove instruments on continuous service (i.e. clean steam lines).
  • Allows instruments to be removed for calibration or replacement without shutting down main process lines.
  • Retrofitable center section for existing installed PBM valve.
  • Available in redundant configurations




Common instrument isolation valves retain pressure at the instrument even when the isolation valve is off.


Safe Solution:

PBM Sanitary Block Bleed Valve prevents pressure build up near instrument.Once the instrument is de-energized, it allows the operator to safely disconnect the instrument.


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