Zero Dead Leg True Bore® Valves

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sanitary process isolation 


Specifically Designed for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, Beverage, Cosmetic and other Sanitary and Clean Processes


PBM’s Z-Ball® zero dead leg ball valve replaces traditional diaphragm valve coupled with a ball valve design used as a sterile barrier for purified water system loops and clean gas utilities.


  • Eliminates dead-legs in purified water systems and clean steam systems
  • Compact size - short branch geometry
  • Provides an ultra-sanitary process isolation valve which seals on both upstream and downstream seats resulting in significant savings compared to traditional methods of using a combination diaphragm valve coupled with a ball valve.
  • Adjustable seats (Adjust-O-Seal®) resulting in both upstream and downstream seal.



  • ASME BPE Compliant
  • 316L wrought low-ferrite stainless steel, other alloys available
  • Mechanical and electro-polished surfaces
  • Fully drainable
  • Optional purge porting available
  • Certified Material Test Reports (CMTRS) provided for wetted components
  • Manual or pneumatic operation with optional device net


For clean steam header sterilization, the PBM valve is opened to introduce clean steam into the process loop.  In a closed position, to prevent condensate from accumulating, the purge port in the valve body removes condensate through trap to drain.


PBM (Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing) is a  company over 100 years old that began as a non-ferrous foundry in 1899 along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh.



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