V-Balls for Control

PBM’s V-Balls allow for accurate control over the flow of liquids or thick media in industrial and sanitary throttling keeping media flowing smoothly and giving accurate control through the entire valve stroke. To calculate flow on PBM’s V-Ball control valves click here: PBM-FLOW-CALC-2.06   Brochures: V-Ball Flyer

Tank Bottom Valves (Industrial)

Two-Way Tank Bottom valves are suited for general purpose tank, vessel, and reactor applications. Angle Stem Tank Bottom Valves provide actuator clearance on jacketed or insulated vessels.   Brochures: Industrial Brochure Creative Solutions – Flat Top Ball Valves PBM-Flush-Tank-Brochure Product Bulletins: PBM-Product-Bulletin-Angle Stem-Tank-Bottom-Valves-AF1 PBM-Product-Bulletin-Industrial-Tank-Bottom-Valves-FT5 PBM-Product-Bulletin-Industrial-Tank Bottom-Steam-FD5

Self Cleaning Ball Valves

PBM’s Self-Cleaning valves with Adjust-O-Seal® technology thoroughly clean valve internals during CIP in the full open position. These valves also provide full, unobstructed flow and bidirectional, bubble-tight shutoff. This offers significant advantages over floating ball designs, as well as diaphragm and butterfly valves..   Brochures: Personal Care Brochure Sanitary Brochure Animations: Self-cleaning Flushable Ball Valve…

Instrument Isolation Valves

PBM’s Instrument valves are used for process flow or isolation of pressure gauge, orifice plates, flush rings and various measurement instruments. Valves are designed to ASME B16.34. They offer a higher performance solution to needle valves.   Brochures: Energy Flyer Energy Brochure   Certification: PBM SIL-3-Industrial-IM-Series-Certificate-R1.3 PBM-SIL-3-Industrial-IB Series-Certificate-R1.1

Fire-Rated Valves (Industrial)

PBM’s Fire-Rated valves can accommodate flammable media in industrial process environments. These API-607 qualified valves feature a backup metal seat against which the ball seals if the normal polytetrafluoroethylene seats melt under fire conditions. This metal seal allows only limited leakage under fire conditions.   Brochures: Industrial Brochure Product Bulletins: PBM-Product-Bulletin-Fire-Rated ANSI Valves-AN6 PBM-Product-Bulletin-Industrial-fire-Rated-Tank-Bottom-Valves-FT6 PBM-Prodct-Bulletin-Industrial-Fire-Rated-Two-Way-Valves-SP6

3-Way Diverter Port Valve (Industrial)

PBM’s 3, 4 and 5-way Multi-Port valves are true multi-port valves with seals at every port. This design makes the multi-port ideal for flow switching operations. In some applications, this valve can replace as many as four ordinary 2-way valves, with corresponding savings in piping and fittings.   Brochures: Industrial Brochure PBM Flow Patterns Product…