2-Way True Bore Ball Valves

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Adjustable inline sealing


Specifically Designed for  Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, Beverage, Personal Care and other Sanitary and Clean Steam Processes


PBM valve products minimize contamination, comply with sanitary regulations, facilitate clean-in-place, pigging and downtime.

  • Unique Adjust-O-Seal® feature allows in-line valve adjustment to compensate for normal wear on valve seats.
  • Upstream and downstream bubble-tight sealing capability allows valve body cleaning, purging, and draining.
  • True-Bore® (valve bore same as connecting tubing) – no puddling



  • Sizes ¼” – 6”, depending on series
  • Materials:  316L, low ferrite cast and forged, Hastelloy™, AL6XN™, others
  • End Connections: Extended tube, hygienic clamp, compression ends
  • Standard V-TEF™ seats / seals
  • Working Pressures:  up to 900 psig (62.1 bar) depending on valve series, size and temperatures
  • Temperature Range:  up to 450˚F (232.2˚C), depending on seat and seal material
  • Cv Values (gpm):  6.5 to 5,000 depending on end connection
  • ASME BPE Compliant
  • Valves are rated for full vacuum.
  • Variety of mechanical polish finishes as well as electropolish
  • US, DIN, & ISO True-Bore® Port Diameters
  • USP Class VI elastomers and FDA complaint materials available
  • Certified Material Test Reports (CMTRS) provided for wetted components


  • Optional Clean Steam and Trap Design, purges or drain ports
  • Piggable
  • Optional Self-flushing ball completely cleans valve internals during line flush
  • Optional Patented Locking Lever Handle
  • Optional body cavity fillers minimize areas where media could become trapped and contaminate the process.
  • Full Range of Automation and Controls


PBM (Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing) is a  company over 100 years old that began as a non-ferrous foundry in 1899 along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh.



  • Address: 1070 Sandy Hill Road,
       Irwin, PA 15642
  • Phone: 724-863-0550 / 800-967-4PBM
  • Email: info@pbmvalve.com








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