Igenix® Block & Bleed

Use PBM's Igenix® Sanitary Block & Bleed Valve to safely isolate the instrument.

Low Emission Valves

PBM Valves with Low-E packing offer solutions to emission reduction.

Sanitary Valve Brochure

Download PBM's Sanitary Brochure for your pure process applications.

Pinch Valves

PBM Pinch Valves shut off media flow by exerting a clamping force on your existing flexible tubing lines.

Metal Seated Ball Valve Brochure

Specially designed carbide and/or ceramic thermal spray coatings are a valve industry standard. All of their coatings are applied robotically using a special system to insure consistently high quality coatings.

Pulp and Paper Brochure

Download PBM's Pulp and Paper Brochure. PBM has resilient and Metal Seated Ball Valves for Pulp and Paper Applications.

Personal Care Brochure

Download Personal Care Brochure, Clean Solutions for Processing Cosmetics, Fragrances, Nutritionals, Detergents and more

Industrial Valve Brochure

Download PBM's Industrial Brochure for your manufacturing process applications.

Cryogenic Valves

PBM cryogenic valves have a unique design that accommodates leak-free operation through cooling and heating cycles.

Energy Valve Brochure

Download PBM's Energy Valve Brochure for your process requirements.

Marine & Seawater Brochure

Download PBM's Marine Brochure for your marine and seawater applications.

Power Brochure

Download PBM's Power Brochure for your energy applications.

Build a PBM Part Number

PBM Valve offers an extremely stable customization service that allows for you to spend less time on those costly projects. From 2-way ball valves to 5-way Multi-Port Valves. Flow with the best.

Build a PBM Part Number