Cryogenic Valves


IMI PBM’s Cryogenic Valves are fire tested to API-607 and exhibit superior performance through cooling and heating cycles.

  • Sizes 1/2” – 4” – Full port. Consult IMI PBM for additional sizes.
  • Temperatures from 400˚ F, 205˚ C down to -320˚ F, -200˚ C
  • Live-loaded stem packings
  • Materials of construction: stainless steel, other materials available – Consult IMI PBM for details
  • Pressures to 720 psi CWP (ANSI 300# class)
  • Cleaned for oxygen service
  • Quarter turn operation
  • Locking lever handle or optional oval locking handwheel
  • Automation available
  • V-TEF™ seats/graphite seals
  • Internal and external grounding
  • Uni-directional flow and vented ball
  • Valve meets or exceeds leakage performance per MSS SP-134
  • Optional API-622 Low-e Packing (cannot be LOX cleaned)