BOS Vent Silencer

Capable of attenuating atmospheric vent noise by up to 50dBA

The BOS vent silencer is engineered to attenuate the noise emitted from atmospheric vents by up to 50 dBA. The rugged design uses heavy gauge materials to provide a robust, yet economical solution and is available for quick delivery.

  • High capacity diffuser: minimizes back pressure against safety relief valves and provides good controllability for an upstream vent control valve.
  • Long strand fibreglass fill: resistant to blow out and damage from moisture, and high temperature.
  • Heavy gauge perforated facing: resistant to damage caused by high velocity.
  • Extra thick shell and bottom: durable long life construction, prevents noise propagation through the shell.
  • Standardized configurations: supports short lead time requirements.
  • Chair supports: attachment points for mounting to surrounding structure.
  • Lifting bar: integrated lifting point for ease of installation.
  • Drain Connection: 1 inch NPT external body drain to prevent accumulation of rain water.

Inlet Connections:

•  ANSI 150RF, 300RF, or BWE

Temperature Rating: 

•  – 50°F to 565°C

Quality Specification:

•  ASME B31.1 Section VIII Div. I

Noise Attenuation: 

•  Up to 50 dBA


•  Carbonzinc 11 primer