IMI PBM’s facility is approximately 58,000 square feet residing on nine acres with over 100+ employees. All activities are performed from its Irwin location including engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing and R&D functions. Using the latest technologies in machine tools, IMI PBM has the capability to produce the highest quality valves and competes world-wide by focusing on valve solutions. IMI PBM is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company producing metallic valves with both soft and metal seats, ranging from ¼” up though 12” in size. Some products include ASME-BPE complaint, ABS type approval, API-607 fire testing, API-622 low emission packing, SIL 3 capable per IEC 61508, NQA-1 nuclear service valves, and Cryogenic valves with leakage rates less than MSS SP-134 standards. For more information, please contact our office.


IMI PBM valves for the Chemical Industry are designed, manufactured, and tested to provide safe, reliable, and durable solutions to a wide range of applications, from “clean” to “heavy process”.

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food and bef
Food & Beverage

Download IMI PBM’s Food & Beverage Solutions FlyerPBM Igenix® valves for the Food and Beverage Industry offer a full line of Sanitary 2,3,4 and 5-way ball valves along with flush bottom tank outlet valves,

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IMI PBM valves for the Marine Industry designed specifically to perform in Shipbuilding and offshore platform applications.

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nqa qualified

NQA-1 Qualified

IMI PBM’s Quality Management System is  ISO 9001:2008 certified.  We meet stringent requirements in the process flow industry where safety, reliability and on-time delivery is critical.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech

IMI PBM Igenix® valves for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry are specifically designed and tested to perform in many types of sanitary and clean steam applications.

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IMI PBM valves for the Energy Industries (Oil & Gas, Refining, Power)  are designed, manufactured, and tested to provide safe, reliable, and durable solutions to multiple flow applications.

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paint and resin

Paint & Resin

IMI PBM valves for the Paint and Resins Industry eliminate product contamination, facilitate clean sampling, solve clogging problems, improve pigging, cleaning and draining, reduce downtime and produce high quality paints, coating, and adhesives.

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pulp and paer

Paper & Pulp

IMI PBM valves in Pulp and Paper processing industry offers resilient and metal seated ball valves for bleaching, coatings, liquors, pulp stock, process sampling, process cleaning and transmitter isolation.

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personal care

Personal Care

IMI PBM Igenix® valves for the Personal Care Industry provide process and production efficiencies along with in-line cleaning capabilities using our optional self-flushing ball.

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IMI PBM valves for the Cryogenic Industry have a unique design that accommodates leak-free operation through cooling and heating cycles.

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IMI PBM valves for the Steel Industry provide safe, reliable, and innovative solutions to fluid flow applications in the metals processing from foundry to rolling mills.

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