Zero Dead Leg Valves


IMI PBM’s Z-Ball® Zero Dead Leg Ball Valves replace traditional diaphragm valves coupled with a ball valve design used as a sterile barrier for purified water system loops and clean gas utilities.

For clean steam header sterilization, the IMI PBM valve is opened to introduce clean steam into the process loop. In a closed position, to prevent condensate from accumulating, the purge port in the valve body removes condensate through trap to drain.
  • ASME BPE Compliant
  • 316L wrought low-ferrite stainless steel, other alloys available
  • Mechanical and electro-polished surfaces
  • Fully drainable
  • Optional purge porting available
  • Certified Material Test Reports (CMTRS) provided for wetted components
  • Manual or pneumatic operation with optional device net