IMI PBM valves for the Energy Industries (Oil & Gas, Refining, Power)  are designed, manufactured, and tested to provide safe, reliable, and durable solutions to multiple flow applications. IMI PBM offers single (welded body) and bolted body (repairable)  gauge isolation, process flow, and root valves in multiple materials ranging from carbon, stainless, nickel, and duplex alloys up to ANSI Class 2500#. IMI PBM’s line of valves are available with low emission packing to deign tested to API-622 and fire rated to API-607, and SIL-3 capable. ANSI flanged split body valves are available up to 12-inch size and are specifically designed to handle your application needs, available in both soft and metal seats, available in true-bore where the ID of the valve matches the ID of the pipe, eliminating flow restrictions and allow in-line pigging. IMI PBM also offers true double block and bleed ball valves to safely isolate gauges or use in process flow applications, taking up much less space than traditional gate or globe valves. IMI PBM’s transmitter isolation valves safely isolate transmitters and allow in-line calibration and flushing.



Available Brochures
Energy Brochure (IMI PBM)
Power Brochure