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We Are Driven By Our Vision!

IMI PBM (Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing) is a company over 100 years old that began as a non-ferrous foundry in 1899 along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh.

Outgrowing this location, the foundry was moved in 1918 to the heart of the industrial section along the Allegheny River. The first floor of a five-story building housed the foundry. The upper floors were developed into a machine shop that manufactured blast furnace and steel plant fittings. Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing earned a reputation as a reliable supplier to the steel industry. In the late 1950s, James H. Brennan Sr. shifted the company’s operations to the development of specialty Ball Valves. The first Ball Valve was shipped in 1960.

In 1968, for the purpose of consolidating operations and allowing for future expansion, PBM moved to its present site in Irwin, 20 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, PA. From this location, the first Flush Bottom Mounted Ball Valve and True Multi-Port Ball Valves were developed and manufactured. Today we are one of the leading producers of sanitary and industrial valves.

In 2019, PBM, Inc. was acquired by IMI Critical Engineering. We are now re-branded as IMI PBM and we look forward to growing as a company and enhancing our customer’s experience by providing safe, reliable, high quality valves.

Our Specialties
Better Valve Performance
Fewer Process Interruptions
On-Time Delivery
Unique Solutions to Problems
Uncompromising Customer Service
Core Values
  • The Right Thing First Not Last
  • Honesty
  • Personnel Improvement – Teach and be taught
  • Accountability – Decisions, Actions, Products
  • Commitment to our Core Values
Why Choose Us

It Is Our Policy...

  • To listen to our customers and focus on their needs.
  • To create and market the highest quality products at competitive prices.
  • To meet our customers’ delivery requirements.
  • To provide solutions to flow control and application problems.
  • To provide uncompromising service.
  • To continuously improve the processes required to achieve this mission.

What We Do

PBM, Inc. manufactures ball valves and specialty valves for both sanitary and industrial applications from our plant in Irwin, Pennsylvania. PBM combines specific application requirements with creative engineering and quality manufacturing practices. PBM valves have exceptional value, reliability and service that customers have relied on for over 100 years.

Lean Manufacturing

A system of continual improvement with 5S at the foundation of all improvements.

  • Everybody
  • Every Day
  • Everything has a place
  • Everything in its place