Number Industry Product Media
0610-052 Chemical, Agriculture               PBM Tank bottom valve Chemicals
0106-030 Chemical Piggable 3-way valve Automotive paint
0111-060 Chemical 2-way Fire-rated valve Hot oil-based liquid
0506-032 Chemical Angle stem flush tank Commercial roof
0610-049 Chemical Angle stem flush tank Solvent
0805-011 Chemical Angle stem flush tank Chemicals
0805-018 Chemical ANSI, Flush tank Resins
0805-005 Chemical ANSI Chemicals
0805-008 Chemical Angle stem flush tank Chemicals
0809-043 Chemical Bleed valves HCL , sulfuric acid
0908-039 Chemical Sampling Root Valve Dry chlorine
0908-040 Chemical Flush Tank Paint
1010-057 Chemical Multi-port, tandem assy Thermal, cold trsfr
1211-072 Chemical Fabflex® Assembly Colored Ink Reactors
1211-074 Chemical Angle Stem Flush Tank Smokeless tobacco
1211-081 Chemical ANSI valves Special film, solar
1211-085 Chemical Diverter Port ball valves Syltherm
0510-046 Chemical/Plastics PBM Ansi Styrene
1211-086 Chemical 2-Way bronze valves Machine coolant
1214-110 Chemical 2-Way Hastelloy Valve Smokeless Tobacco
0615-111 Chemical 2-Way Self Flushing Valve Sterile Fermentation Broth
0517-115 Chemical DBB Resin Intermediates
0917-116 Chemical DBB Firesafe Corrosive Gases
0518-117 Chemical Flush Tank Composite Ingredients
1111-063 Chemical,Consumer Trunnion flush tank 8” Styrene rubber
0805-022 Consumer Rising stem sampling water
0805-003 Consumer Fabflex® manifold Dye
0805-004 Consumer Fabflex® manifold Fragrance
0805-006 Consumer Angle stem Flush tank CIP
0106-029 Consumer Products Fabflex® manifold Cosmetics
0610-050 Consumer products Sanitary self-flushing Lip balm, etc.
0610-053 Consumer products Sanitary angle stem flush Beauty & Personal
0805-025 Consumer Products SI fire-rated self-cleaning Hand sanitizer
0808-036 Consumer Products Injection manifold Polishing waters
0908-041 Consumer Products Flush Tank Cosmetics
1211-068 Consumer Products Fabflex® manifold Liquid laundry det.
1211-071 Consumer products Diverter Port Sanitary Liquid soap line
1211-073 Consumer Products Igenix® 2-way ball valve DI water,caustics,etc
1211-077 Consumer Products Fabflex® manifolds Shampoo
1211-078 Consumer Products 2-Way Self Flushing Shampoo
1211-089 Consumer Products Multiport w/ cavity fillers Hot detergent lines
0114-104 Cryogenic Cryogenic Valve Liquid Nitrogen
0119-420 Cryogenic Diverter Cryogenic Valve Helium Fluid
0805-002 Food Fabflex® manifold Food additive
1111-064 Food – Tobacco Angle stem flush tank Smokeless tobacco
1008-042 Food & Beverage DBB Alcohol
1211-069 Food & Beverage Asceptic 2-way valve Starch, Cocoa slurry
1211-082 Food & Beverage ANSI Full Port Caramel
1211-084 Food & Beverage ANSI Steam, water, x gum
1211-087 Food & Beverage Flush tank valves Coffee liquor sampling
1211-088 Food & Beverage Automated ANSI full port City water
0506-031 Food- Animal Multi-port ball valve Hydrated grain
0805-013 Food Beverage Multi-port ball valve Wine must
0805-009 Food Beverage Rising stem sampling Beer
1016-113 Food Beverage Block and Bleed Assemblies Steam Distribution
1214-109 Food Beverage Multi-Port Ball Valve Grapes
0411-062 Marine Pigging valve Seawater Recir line
0610-048 Marine ANSI Seawater, cooling
0805-016 Marine Multi-port Grey water
1211-079 Marine & Offshore 2-Way Al-Bronze Seawater
0805-007 Marine/Offshore ANSI Seawater
0510-047 Marine/Shipbuilding Diverter Port ball valve Fuel system
0314-103 Marine/Offshore Platforms and FPSOs 2-way nickel al bronze  valves Seawater, Fire water systems
0410-044 Nuclear Multi-port Sludge waste
0908-037 Pharma Research Instrument Root valves Nitrogen Solvent
0905-027 Nutraceutical Cryogenic 2-way Liquid CO2
1111-066 Pharmaceutical 2-way Ball valve USP purified water
0805-014 Pharmaceutical Fabflex® cabinet DI water
0805-015 Pharmaceutical FI point of use DI water
0805-017 Pharmaceutical Clean steam ball valve WFI water
0805-024 Pharmaceutical FT Hastelloy C-22 cup ball Pharmaceuticals
0905-028 Pharmaceutical Fablex® manifold CIP solution
1211-070 Pharmaceutical Fabflex® cabinets Injectable Protein
1211-076 Pharmaceutical Clean Steam valves Air, condensation
1016-114 Pharmaceutical Clean Steam DBB Pure Steam Feed
0518-118 Pharmaceutical Clean Steam Trap Purified Water System
0508-035 Power Multi-port ball valve Turbine oil
0805-001 Power Tandem DP, automated Turbine oil
0805-010 Power Tandem MP, manual various
0812-100 Power ANSI trunnion valves Pulverized Coal
0610-051 Power/Energy PBM Center Sections Rocket Fuel
1211-080 Pulp & Paper ANSI, Titanium material Chlorine dioxide, etc
0708-038 Pulp and Paper Transmitter Isolation Pulp stock
0805-021 Pulp and paper ANSI titanium Cl02
0805-026 Pulp and paper Transmitter Isolation Vlv Pulp stock
1010-054 Refinery DBB Instrument valve Gases & Steam
1010-055 Refinery DBB 2” valve Hydrocarbons
1010-058 Refinery DBB 2” 600# class valve Hydrocarbons
0111-061 Refining TIV Iso of Elect trans.
1111-067 Refining 4” Cavity Free piggable Convey grease / oil
0613-101 Refining Diverter Port ball valves Oil, gas, water
0613-102 Refining DBB valves Gases, Hydrocarbons
0712-090 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, TIV Hydrocarbons
0712-091 Refining Diverter Port ball valve Oil, gas and water
0712-092 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, TIV Hydrocarbons
0712-093 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, TIV Hydrocarbons
0712-094 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, TIV Hydrocarbons
0712-095 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, TIV Hydrocarbons
0712-096 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, ANSI Hydrocarbons
0712-097 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, ANSI Hydrocarbons
0712-098 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, TIV Hydrocarbons
0712-099 Refining Fabflex® manifolds, TIV Hydrocarbons
0906-033 Refining Instrument Isolation Oil, sand, seawater
0510-045 Refining, Petrochemical DBB Crude oil/products
0805-019 Refining, Petrochemical Transmitter Isolation Petrochemical
0408-034 Refining, Petroleum DBB ball valves Petrochemicals
1010-056 Refining, Petroleum Fabflex® Pig Capture Various-lube oil
1010-059 Refining, Petroleum IM valve ¾”, slotted, cryo Nitrogen Gas
1214-106 Refining 2” DP with Actuator Oil, Methane, Water
1214-107 Refining DBB-IB Sour Water
0815-112 Refining ANSI Style TIV Coking Unit
1214-108 Refining, Petroleum ANSI Style TIV Poly-Isobutylene
0805-012 Steel Tandem DP Water
0805-023 Steel ANSI V-ball control Water