PSV Switching Valve (Industrial)


The PSV Switching Valve is used to seamlessly, safely and efficiently switch from active Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) or Conservation Vents to a standby – while maintaining maximum flow and system overpressure protection.

  • 3-Way Multi-Port Switching Valve
  • Adjust-O-Seal® Design – Ball is captured mechanically and seals
    bi-directionally on both PSV ports
  • Full Port or IMI PBM True-Bore® design
  • 120° porting for fast, 120° operation – minimizes PSV system interruption
  • Low pressure drop at full flow
  • < 3% – no need to upsize piping to accommodate a 90° diverter valve pressure
  • Live loaded packing
  • Flexible design configuration
  • Can be used with any material, end connection, bleed valve/connection
  • Cryogenic designs available
  • Custom configurations to fit existing piping
  • Quality – Manifold assembly manufactured complete in controlled
    factory environment
  • Reduced installation times – “Plug & Play”