Jay Giffen
PBM, Inside Sales and Marketing Manager

PBM offers a comprehensive product line for optimum performance in controlling and automating process lines. Our valves minimize contamination, facilitate clean-in-place, solve clogging problems and reduce downtime. PBM valves offer exceptional value, reliability and service that customers have relied on for over 100 years. Simply put, do it right the first time and deliver on time.

Mark Nahorski
PBM, President

PBM’s goal is on-time delivery. We manufacture, inventory and assemble at the same location giving us better control of the process. Have you ever quoted “stock” from another valve manufacturer and finally received the product in 4 – 8 weeks? Some of our kits can be shipped same day if required!

Jeff Kerr
PBM, Engineering Manager

PBM’s engineering and manufacturing teams will work with you to design your special valve configurations.

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